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This recording is dedicated to our benefactor, whose generosity & belief in our ministry has made our dream a reality.
New Shoes Quartet photography provided by Katie Losh; Marty Forman; & Chris Johnson.
New Shoes Quartet CD recorded & mixed by Frank Grund @ Studio G.

Pressing On

1.  Blue Skies Coming
2.  Cloud Nine Headed for Ten
3.  I’ll Do the Miracle
4.  You Might Have Heard of Me
5.  The Old Rugged Cross
6.  The American Soldier
7.  The Debt
8.  Out of Your Heart
9.  I’ll Pray for You
10.  I’ll Trust the Potter’s Hand
11.  He Can Move That Stone
12.  Right in the Middle
13.  Mourning into Dancing
14.  Wake Up Dancing
15.  We’ll Understand It Better By and By
16.  Far Side Banks of Jordan
17.  Go Rest High on that Mountain


 Still Walkin

1.Can He Could He Would He
2. When You Change Your Mind
3. I Think I’ll Read It Again
4. Church In The Kitchen
5. Try Jesus
6. Somebody’s Praying
7. New Day Dawning
8. All My Tears
9. Daystar
10. Your Grace Still Amazes Me.
11. Steepin Out in Faith
12. Good Lord Willing
13. Knowing What I Know About Heaven
14. When He Comes Walking on The Water
15. Going Home

Just Passing Through

Just Passing Through

  1. God is Able
  2. God Says You’re Gonna Make It
  3. When I Walk into Heaven
  4. Reason Enough
  5. Please Forgive Me
  6. New Shoes
  7. I Believe It All
  8. The Gospel
  9. Even in the Valley
  10. Ride That Chariot
  11. The First Day of Forever with
    I’ll Meet You in the Morning
  12. Child of God

No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home

  1. Don’t You Wanna Go Home
  2. Halfway
  3. When God Has Another Plan
  4. Don’t Worry About the Waves
  5. Again, Again and Again
  6. A New Name in Glory
  7. Go Ask
  8. New Shoes
  9. Testimony
  10. Whispered Prayers  with  Down to the River to Pray
  11. Get in Line, Brother  with  I’ll Fly Away
  12. Until Then  with  We Will Work